Connie Howard inadvertently revealed more dirt on Wakefield in her article http://www.vueweekly.com/article.php?id=14512

She asked Wakefield if he’d been paid over £ 400,000 pounds by lawyers who wanted to show that  MMR vaccines caused autism.  He replied “I worked as a medical expert for nine years on the MMR litigation.   When the case folded because Legal Aid was withdrawn, the lawyers refused to pay what was owed and the costs judge took a lot of the fees back from the various experts. What I did earn was donated to an initiative to build a new centre for gastroenterology care and research at the Royal Free [in London]. Unfortunately I was forced out and it never got built.”

So the lawyers who employed Wakefield were dissatisfied with his work and he tried to swindle more than £400,000 but the judge turned him down.    

What about the money going to a new centre at the Royal Free?     Wakefield tried to buy a professorship by offering profits from his various frauds but he’d been kicked out of the Royal Free by the time he got the £400,000.   Did he expect to buy his way back with £400,000?   But why doesn’t he tell us where the money went.    You pocketed it, didn’t you, Andy?   

Wakefield did another piece of fancy footwork in his interview.   He said “the case folded because Legal Aid was withdrawn”.    Not true.   His research was such rubbish that the lawyers who had employed him were forced to conclude that there was no case and reported that to the Legal Aid Board.    The collapse of the litigation was absolutely due to Wakefield’s incompetence.


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