Justice Bell played a major role in the great MMR swindle.    He was the appointed judge, but then announced that he would hand over the case to another judge.   So, knowing that he would not be responsible for the consequences, Bell corruptly made an order that would ensure that injustice was done and that none of the children damaged by any of the various MMR vaccines would be compensated.   How the Government, the pharmaceutical companies and their insurers must have laughed.  

Bell made an order that the entire action would be based on tests on eight children, an obvious fraud by Bell:

  1. Why was he making an order when he had already announced that he was leaving the action?
  2. The tests he ordered would involve the children being exposed to unethical tests, as shown by the GMC ruling on Wakefield and his fellow crooks.  So the tests should not have been carried out at all.
  3. Half of the test children were to be chosen by the defendant pharmaceutical manufacturers!
  4. Bell did not specify what results would be regarded as +ive or –ive.   It was like an examination where there is no means of marking answers and no passmark. 
  5. Bell had decided that the central issue was autism, even though many of the children were not autistic and had quite different and well-evidenced damage.

Bell then departed and a story was put about that he had discovered a conflict of interest – a distant relative with autism.   That really is odd because he had pre-announced his departure, which means that he had been aware of the conflict of interest before issuing his order.   He should have stepped down the instant he became aware of the conflict of interest.  

But the story of the conflict of interest was probably a lie.   Bell’s maneuver was one that is familiar to pickpockets and judges.   Pickpockets ensure that they cannot be caught with the loot on their person by passing it to a collaborator.   The thief doesn’t have the loot and the man with the loot didn’t do the thieving.    Bell handed the action to a new judge who would run it according to Bell’s order.   Bell would not be on the scene when the action inevitably failed.   The failure would be on the watch of a different judge, one who had not issued the original order.

The new judge was Justice Keith, freshly arrived from Hong Kong and ignorant of the new Civil Procedure rules.   Keith was keen to be accepted by the corrupt English judiciary, the alternative would be to return to China where corruption is not as profitable.   Keith’s ignorance was such that he was guided by the lawyers when he should have been controlling them.  Keith should have looked at the order controlling the litigation and thrown it out but he chose to ensure injustice.    No wonder the action cost a staggering amount of money and not a single child was compensated.

At the end of the process, Keith had the impertinence to point out that some of the cases had not been allowed to present their evidence at all.     But the action had been managed by Keith so the perversion of the course of justice was by him.    Keith’s crocodile tears were most unconvincing.

But Keith hadn’t finished helping the Government, pharmaceutical corporations and their insurers.   The action over autism had failed and the autistic cases had been thrown out when Keith received an application for an order for the Dublin laboratory that had tested the samples of the autistic children, to open its doors to inspection by an expert appointed by the pharmaceutical companies.   There was no basis for Keith to agree to this request because:

1         The laboratory was in Eire and therefore outside Keith’s jurisdiction.

2         The relevant part of the litigation had ended.

Keith chose to do something quite bizarre.  He wrote to the Dublin court to request an order for the Dublin laboratory to open its doors to the defendants’ expert.  The Dublin court would have been deceived into thinking that this request was relevant to ongoing UK litigation.   The Dublin court issued the order and the expert, Professor Bustin, made his inspection and produced his 2004 report.    

Later, the true purpose of this farce was revealed.   The defendants in the US litigation applied to Keith for a copy of Bustin’s 2004 report, and Keith eagerly agreed to this request.   Now the reason for Keith’s letter to the Dublin court became apparent.   The US authorities wanted Bustin to inspect the Dublin laboratory but a request from them to the Dublin court would have been rejected as the laboratory was not used by the US defendants.   So Keith fabricated a reason for Bustin to inspect the laboratory.   That makes it clear that this had been a dirty conspiracy executed by Keith to supply the US authorities with material they could not obtain by legitimate means.


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