spinal taps

The English General Medical Council has found Andrew Wakefield guilty of a long list of charges, including ordering inappropriate tests on a group of children. Things could get much worse for Wakefield. Indeed, it’s surprising that he hasn’t been arrested. Perhaps that’s yet to come.
But there’s an oddity in the charges that Wakefield was found guilty of. The GMC reckoned that Child 2(the son of the unemployed business executive who concocted the nonsensical MMR-Guts-Autism theory) had an inappropriate spinal tap. But later, six test cases(including Child 2) were flown across the Atlantic to have spinal taps because no hospital in England would do such an unethical job. But those spinal taps were on the order of the mad bad Justice Bell and were carried out with the knowledge of dozens of lawyers. This raises a number of questions:
Where did Child 2 receive his first spinal tap, the Royal Free Hospital? So why was the Royal Free not prepared to do spinal taps for the second group of children?
Why was not a single hospital in England prepared to do spinal taps for the second group of children? That question is especially pertinent as the second group were to be tested on the order of a judge, unlike the first group.
How was it that the second group received spinal taps without the dozens of lawyers involved protecting the children from that abuse?
Note: every hospital in England had refused to carry out the second batch of spinal taps so it would have been obvious to the lawyers and the Legal Services Commission that something very wrong was taking place. So who paid for the children to be flown across the Atlantic to get spinal taps? Was it the Legal Services Commission?


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