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February 18, 2010

MMR swindler, Andrew Wakefield, is said to have resigned from his lucrative position in Thoughful House.   Untrue, he was sacked.   He would damage the business model based on exploiting the vulnerable parents of autistic children.   Wakefield may find that Polly Tommey will no longer offer him a comfortable position.



February 11, 2010

Top Scotland Yard officer, Commander Ali Dizaei, was sentenced to four years by Mr Justice Simon at London’s Southwark Crown Court for assaulting and falsely arresting a man in a petty row over money.
A jury convicted him of misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice at the end of a four-week trial. They found he attacked young Iraqi businessman Waad al-Baghdadi before arresting and attempting to frame him. The convictions spell the end of the Iranian officer’s controversial 24-year career. Dizaei has been suspended on full pay since September 2008.
Dizaei had emerged unscathed from a series of earlier inquiries, including a multimillion-pound undercover operation examining claims of corruption, fraud and dishonesty. But an attempt to frame a man who pestered him for payment over a website exposed him as a violent bully and liar who abused his position.
Dizaei had a controversial career and it is hard to understand how he had reached and retained his very senior position. It is worrying that he could prosper in London’s Metropolitan Police.


February 11, 2010

Former Downing Street spin-doctor Alastair Campbell broke down when interviewed on TV on 7 Feb 2010 as he defended Tony Blair against claims he misled Parliament over the case for an attack on Iraq. Mr Campbell insisted the former prime minister was a “totally honourable” man in an extraordinary appearance during which he frequently had to pause to compose himself.
Campbell’s weepy stunt is familiar. It’s the usual tactic of New Labour scum when caught out – they purport to be the victim. We saw Cherie Blair use this act when caught in cahoots with fraudster, Peter Foster. Blair himself looked as if he would burst into tears when misleading Parliament over Iraq. Gordon Brown also used the tactic last weekend and now we have the spin-master himself at it.


February 11, 2010

Cherie Blair is a lawyer who acts as a judge, and yet she made a business arrangement with fraudster Peter Foster. It was found that Foster had negotiated a large discount on two flats that Blair was buying. Blair claimed that the discount had been arranged before Foster had become involved, which begs the questions why had he become involved at all. The Daily Mail discovered that Blair had lied and that the discount was negotiated AFTER Foster had become involved. At that point Blair and Downing Street clammed up and would give no explanation of the previous lies or the fact that Blair had accepted Foster’s kind payment of a £4000 bill from accountants. Foster had served jail sentences in three countries but Mrs Blair claimed to be unaware of his record. Venal and ignorant – desirable qualities in a judge?


February 11, 2010

In England there have been cases of Sikhs being refused entry to venues because they wear the Kirpan, a ceremonial dagger. “I wear my Kirpan and I’ve always worn it for the last 35 to 40 years, even when I was sitting in court or visiting public buildings, including Buckingham Palace”. “Not allowing someone who is baptized to wear a Kirpan is not right” according to Sir Mota Singh a retired barrister. Does Sir Mota believe that baptized Christians should also be allowed to carry concealed daggers? But what would be the consequences the first time that a Sikh uses his Kirpan? If men are allowed to carry concealed weapons shouldn’t women have the same right?

spinal taps

February 11, 2010

The English General Medical Council has found Andrew Wakefield guilty of a long list of charges, including ordering inappropriate tests on a group of children. Things could get much worse for Wakefield. Indeed, it’s surprising that he hasn’t been arrested. Perhaps that’s yet to come.
But there’s an oddity in the charges that Wakefield was found guilty of. The GMC reckoned that Child 2(the son of the unemployed business executive who concocted the nonsensical MMR-Guts-Autism theory) had an inappropriate spinal tap. But later, six test cases(including Child 2) were flown across the Atlantic to have spinal taps because no hospital in England would do such an unethical job. But those spinal taps were on the order of the mad bad Justice Bell and were carried out with the knowledge of dozens of lawyers. This raises a number of questions:
Where did Child 2 receive his first spinal tap, the Royal Free Hospital? So why was the Royal Free not prepared to do spinal taps for the second group of children?
Why was not a single hospital in England prepared to do spinal taps for the second group of children? That question is especially pertinent as the second group were to be tested on the order of a judge, unlike the first group.
How was it that the second group received spinal taps without the dozens of lawyers involved protecting the children from that abuse?
Note: every hospital in England had refused to carry out the second batch of spinal taps so it would have been obvious to the lawyers and the Legal Services Commission that something very wrong was taking place. So who paid for the children to be flown across the Atlantic to get spinal taps? Was it the Legal Services Commission?

crooked lawyers

February 4, 2010

Richard Barr may have the most spectacular history of profiting from failure of any English lawyer. He claims to have qualified as a lawyer in the USA then got control of the Dawbarns firm because his father had been Senior. Barr and his old school pal barrister Augustus Ullstein got funded by a property developer to continue an action that had failed. Then Barr saw his chance of profit from the MMR vaccine that in 1992 was withdrawn because it damaged British children; that vaccine had already been withdrawn in Canada before being introduced in Britain. Kirsten Limb walked into his office after working on a sugar beet farm. Barr lost interest in his wife and later Limb became Mrs Barr. In the meantime, Barr promoted the unqualified Limb as a medical expert. The British government and the pharmaceutical industry were keen to have the truth about MMR vaccines suppressed and who better to do it than Richard Barr, so he got the Group Action contract. And then he got the Gulf War contract and the Sheep Dip contract. All three cases involved the Government imposing unsafe products of the pharmaceutical industry on British citizens, and thus being liable. Barr and Augustus Ullstein QC got together with Kirsten limb and all three actions were directed away from the Government and towards destruction. They purported to represent claimants but in fact worked directly against their interests. Barr’s deceptions could cost be very damaging to Dawbarns and in 1998 Barr took the contracts to the London firm, Hodge Jones and Allen. By 1999 Barr, Ullstein and Limb had wrecked the Gulf War and Sheep Dip contracts and had set the MMR contract on a course that would make millions for the lawyers while ensuring that the damaged children would get nothing. Barr was summoned to a disciplinary hearing but instead, he took the MMR contract and his team to law firm Alexander Harris that was setting up a new office in London. Barr continued to profit from MMR litigation until 2004 when legal aid funding was stopped. By that time Alexander Harris knew that it faced negligence claims from clients and recovery of funds by the Legal Aid Board. Barr was booted out and Alexander Harris’ insurers were warned of the situation. Barr then joined the Clinical Negligence specialists, Gadsby Wicks, but when questions were asked of his activities he was shown the door. Barr returned to Dawbarns. In fact he’d never left Norfolk. He and Kirsten Limb had been working from a cottage there. Dawbarns accepted him as a sort of tenant; he was to develop a no-win-no-fee business that was supposed to be self-financing. But Barr couldn’t function without vast waste of public funds and he was ejected, again. He continues to live in Norfolk while being a sort of tenant of the London law firm, SCOMO.

It has now been revealed through the GMC hearing into the activities of the crooked Doctor, Andrew Wakefield, that children who were the clients of Richard Barr were inappropriately subjected to invasive procedures. This will lead to Wakefield being struck off. But what is to happen to Barr, the man who set up the scam? The children might have expected protection from the lawyer who had been appointed to represent them by the Legal Services Commission. But Barr and the Legal Services Commission intended nothing but a swindle of those unfortunates.

Kirsten Limb
Kirsten Limb has roamed around various law firms with swindler Richard Barr. After working at a sugar beet farm she turned up at Richard Barr’s law firm, Dawbarns, where she became a secretary and in due course got into the boss’s pants. Barr’s wife left his bed and Limb took her place. Barr started to promote Limb and described her as having an encyclopedic knowledge of science and medicine. Limb may have had a basic degree but had no medical qualification. Barr used the fraudulent claims over Limb’s qualifications as a way of making money. Limb, with no legal or medical qualification, turned up in the Royal Courts of Justice alongside the inept Dawbarns junior, Laura Tresize. In April 1998 Barr and Limb moved their operation to crooked firm, Hodge Jones and Allen. The unqualified Limb was then titled “Medical Director” and Hodge Jones and Allen charged the Legal Services Commission £198 per hour for her time. Limb is qualified for no more than £10 per hour. When Barr moved to Alexander Harris, Limb went with him and they used Andrew Wakefield to wreck the MMR litigation while swindling millions in Legal Aid. They were running the usual English lawyers’ scam – turning clients’ entitlements into lawyers’ ill-gotten gains. But the Wakefield scam was to be massive. Limb was now appearing on Alexander Harris notepaper as “Associate”, as if she was a solicitor, but at the same time she was involved in Wakefield’s phoniness and purporting to be qualified there too. When the money ran out at Alexander Harris Barr was thrown out and he joined another firm, Gadsby-Wicks. Limb co-authored with phonies Andrew Wakefield and Carol Stott an article published in Medical Veritas(sic). Wakefield had been booted out of the hospital and university where he’d worked. Stott had been booted out of university and professional body. The article purported to link measles virus from vaccines to autism, which was the basis of the massive fraud Barr and Limb had been running through court with the aid of Wakefield and Stott. The article claimed that Limb was employed by Visceral, Wakefield’s phony charity. But Visceral Chairman, Nick Lander, declined to confirm that she was employed by Visceral and would not reveal her qualifications. Limb had already written on Visceral notepaper to parents of children asking permission to retain and store the children’s medical records and test samples, including samples that had been collected without proper Ethics Committee approval. Lander and Limb’s involvement with Visceral was soon terminated. Limb was questioned about the way she’d used children in the Autism fraud but had become too ill to answer questions! She and Barr are now running a little property empire in Norfolk. See the Richard Barr entry.

Joanne Masters, aka Jo Masters, trained as a barrister but switched to being a solicitor at Dawbarns where she worked with the dodgy duo Richard Barr and Kirsten Limb on Group Actions including Sheep Dip, Gulf War and MMR. In 1998 she was a member of the team that left Dawbarns, taking the lucrative contracts to Hodge Jones and Allen. By mid-1999 Barr faced disciplinary action and the team moved the MMR contract to another firm, Alexander Harris, where the MMR Group Action that had been misdirected in a way that made it highly lucrative to the lawyers and disastrous to the damaged children. Jo Masters then disappeared and is not listed by the Bar Council or the Law Society. She may have changed her name.